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Related article: Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2011 10:01:48 -0600 From: Nancy Boy Subject: Adult Education Part 2Disclaimer: It's got gay sex. Don't like that or too young for it to be legal where you are? Go away...Peter Lolita Pay Sites Woods is seriously freaked out and his blames his good friend Diego Castro for it. Diego, Peter, and a third guy, Karl Martin used to share a house with Diego's girlfriend and their baby. What started it was being really frustrated that Peter's longtime girlfriend insisted on no sex before marriage at the same time that he found out Diego was affording the new baby by having sex with men on a gay for pay website. Peter's still not clear on how they worked out their deal but Diego agreed to give Peter regular blowjobs if Peter kept his secret.This made Peter closer to both Diego and Emily. Peter could enjoy his time with Emily without constantly trying to work out a way past her abstinence and Diego and Peter grew closer like any pair of lovers would. The two having years of affection behind them as close friends sped things up. Peter hadn't reciprocated yet but the curiosity to do so seemed to grow every time he and Diego fooled around. Peter had even nearly fucked Diego once! He had been helping Diego prep for his first scene getting screwed on the site (which would also be the first time that ever happened) by loosening Diego up with a few dildos. Diego had gotten so turned on by Peter shoving those plastic dicks in him that Peter was actually shifting to just replace it with his own very hard cock. Bad luck for Peter that before he could Diego had had the wildest orgasm Peter had ever seen and it was so hot Peter wound up losing his own load onto the rug instead of seven inches inside Diego's ass as planned.The upheavals in Diego's life shortly after had also kept Peter from Diego's ass. Sue had left town with baby Amelia because of threats from Diego's dad and the three men had found new lodging. It's a very old house split into four apartments. Diego has the third floor to himself and his brother Rico while Karl and Peter share the furnished basement. Peter still gets blown regular but Diego has yet to offer Peter his ass as promised. Peter's pretty sure another friend, Michael Pappos, is getting it regular. Michael was who took Diego's cherry on the site and has been friends with Diego the longest. If Peter were at all self-aware he'd recognize his feelings whenever he sees Michael arrive ro leave as intense jealousy.So what does Peter blame Diego for? First of all was the potentially embarrassing dream he'd had when both he and his young cousin Ricky Allen had both spent the night at his parents' house. Ricky was a year behind Eddie in school, the same one Peter was now a teacher at, and acted as if he and Eddie were closer than ever. The way Eddie kept scowling at Ricky made it seem to Pete like Ricky was being optimistic about their friendship.That night Peter dreamed about he and Diego going all the way. Peter's been cruising Gay For Play, the site Diego and Michael appear on, viewing more than the updates that feature his friends. As with everything else to do with this situation with Diego, Peter doesn't give it much thought. Peter rationalizes it as he's a red blooded male and any kind of sex would cause a hardon. What happens in the dream is straight out of one of the updates featuring guys he doesn't know. Like in his favorite scene, Diego and Peter engage in a highly charged sixty-nine on a rooftop. Dream Peter knows this is fulfillment of his desires. Peter then proceeds to fuck Diego all over the roof in a variety of athletic positions. The dream shifts and it becomes Peter holding on to the wall surrounding the rooftop for dear life as Diego's hard cock is drilling his ass and Peter loves it.Peter wakes with a start in his childhood bed and quickly realizes real him is as achingly hard as Dream Peter had been with Diego's prong sliding in and out of his ass. The dream still seemed so real and when Peter started actually hearing the sounds of man sex again his hand had no choice but tod rift down to start jacking off. Peter knows it's the same sound they were making every time Diego bottomed out in Peter and Diego's pelvis hit Peter's ass hard. When Peter started hearing what sounded like his own voice every time Diego thrust in his other hand went to start massaging his own tight virgin hole. Imagined sounds and memories of the dream rode Peter and he didn't even really care that he'd started finger fucking himself. When the dream sounds crescendoed so did Peter.Peter couldn't forget that dream for days. Peter even suspected Eddie knew what had happened. Eddie had looked at his older brother with shame on his face at breakfast the next morning, completely ignoring their very happy cousin.The next thing to blame Diego for came when Peter agreed to help his friend and fellow new teacher Ray Yates with the gymnastics team. Peter watched the teen boys go through their warm ups and routines, including one of Ray's nephews though Peter could never recall his name, and started wondering how that limber athleticism would Lolita Pay Sites translate into sex with each other. Ray even found himself wondering what it would be like to be ridden by Ray's nephew the way Diego rode him in the dream!In the showers afterwards were worst. Peter worked up a sweat helping Ray clean up while the team showered so the two teachers were in there alone. Ray talked to Peter while they undressed, totally used to the casual nudity of the locker room. Ray was close to Peter, using the locker next to his, and Lolita Pay Sites Peter was overcome with a desire to lean over and start making out with Ray! It got worse in the shower with Ray's fine, hard ass on constant display. Peter started daydreaming about dropping to his knees and rimming Ray before fucking him right there in the shower. This time Peter's cock started to betray him and he quickly finished and reached the locker room before Ray he got fully hard. Hearing the shower still running, Peter jacked off a quick load in the far corner of the locker room, this time picturing himself spread over one of the benches while ray fucked him! Peter was gone by the time Ray finished and came out to dress.Peter is blaming Diego for all of this. Peter never had a gay thought in his life before discovering Diego was earning money on that gay for pay site. It's not true but Peter makes himself believe that he was perfectly happy with his sexless relationship with Emily. In fact, instead of going home directly from school, Peter decides to stop by and see Emily at her parents' home."Peter? What are you doing here?" Emily's mother asks when she opens the door."Can't a guy surprise his girlfriend?" It doesn't escape Peter that Emily's mother suddenly can't look him in the eye. "Mrs. Roberson? What's wrong?" Peter follows her into the kitchen. he sits at the table as he's done a hundred times and accepts her homemade lemonade."Peter, when was the last time you saw Emily?" Peter opens his mouth to answer but finds he really doesn't have one. Peter can't recall the last time he and Emily went out or what they had done. Peter, you haven't called my daughter or stopped by in at least six weeks. Every date before that had been about two weeks apart and each one shorter than the one before. Emily has assumed you two broke up for going on a month now." Peter is dumbfounded. He would argue the point but realizes he hasn't thought about Emily more than once or twice during that whole time. Mrs. Roberson waits Lolita Pay Sites expectantly for what Peter has to say but he's saved by the arrival of Emily's two younger brothers, Micah and Neal, along with their respective best friends.It's a smorgasbord of nearly naked young male flesh! All four are dressed solely in athletic shorts, long down to the thigh but still clingy due to the thigh, and sneakers only. Micah is the younger brother and very well built despite not playing sports before this year, as he's always been his older brother's workout partner. He has curly brown hair and soft brown eyes and a pouty mouth, cute in an innocent looking way that is at complete odds with his dominant and somewhat manipulative personality. His best friend is Tim Walton and if there was any doubt this quartet had been playing basketball, probably at Tim's down the street since Peter hadn't seen them when pulling up, Micah and Tim playfully fighting over the ball would be a dead giveaway.While Micah and Tim horsed around, older brother Neal and his best friend Charles Carter, were hitting the fridge. Neal is tall, wiry, and has darker hair than Micah but dark blue eyes. He has sharp features but they make the brooding young man very handsome. Charles and Neal are on the basketball team at the school Peter teaches at since the charter school has no team and is as tall as his friend but a bit fairer. He's not quite blonde and his green eyes sparkle with a mischievousness that would seem a better fit with Micah than his more naive and trusting brother but the two older boys have been best friends since the day ten years ago they first shared a Sunday School class. Neal is bent over to search the fridge so that behind him Charles can also have a go at its contents.Peter's traitorous imaginations hit him hard as he and their mother watch the boys' antics. In his head, Peter can see Micah and Tim's grappling turn into embracing and then making out. Charles and Neal's position at he fridge leads naturally to imagining Charles pulling down the back of Neal's shorts and shoving his hard cock up Neal's ass. Despite the hard cum in the locker room not long ago, Peter can feel his hard cock tenting his slacks, luckily hidden from view by tabletop and tablecloth."Hey, Peter!" Micah seems to spot Peter first. Micah's always liked Peter even more than his sister does so is glad the break up doesn't mean he's lost an adult he considers a friend. "You staying long? I have a History paper coming up I could really use your help with." Peter gulps. He can't stay but while little Peter is betraying him he can't get up and leave."Not THAT long, Micah, but if it's not due too soon you could always come by the new place." Peter looks over at their mom. "If that's okay with you, ma'am.""Oh, it's more than okay, Peter. Let's be honest: You were a dud as a boyfriend but you've always been a great friend to the boys. They've needed an older brother what with six older sisters." Peter had always thought that too. His own siblings are split three and three. "Charles, your mother called right before Peter showed up. She needs you to go with her to the hardware store before church so you better hurry on home." Charles tells Peter it's good to see him again too finally, being the shyest of these four, and heads out the door and across the street. "I have to bring a meal to poor Mister Johns before church count on you boys to be ready at seven sharp when I swing back?""I can stick around and give them a ride if you'd like. Mister Johns is the older man that had cancer?" Emily had taken Peter along on a previous visit."That's him. The poor man cannot seem to catch a break. Both his daughters have passed and he and his wife were raising their sons when he lost his wife as well. Any other man might have been dispirited but taking care of the boys more than gives him the will to fight on." Mrs. Roberson starts gathering what she's prepared for the older man and all four boys help. Tim continues home after and it's just the Robersons and Peter in a just a few minutes."I'm hitting the shower first, Neal. Make us something to eat while you wait your turn." Peter knew young Micah was take charge but didn't realize until Neal just nodded and headed for the pantry that Neal went along with it so meekly."Don't bother, Neal. I'll treat to Burger King or something on the way. Teacher's pay still sucks but Jamie won't take rent so I'm flush." Neal gives one of his rare smiles, the one that lights up a room, and something clicks in Pete. Diego is going to get a lot less blame from this point on. "Go use your parents' shower. If you two are ready at the same time we can go inside and not use the drive through.The three guys have a lot of fun before Pete drops them off. Sure, it's still a little torturous for Pete around the boys. Micah sees no reason to cover himself up after his shower since it's all guys now but somehow Pete manages not throw him down on the couch and fuck him. They talk about the girls at the charter school and how their studies are going and a million other things as they get ready, hit Burger King, and then Pete drops the boys off at church. A time for Pete to tutor Micah is set up and Pete even agrees to meet with Neal for some help there. Neither guy is dumb by any means but Pete has the feeling that this charter school isn't the best academically.Pete pulls into his new home's huge driveway and checks his phone. He'd sent a text earlier to Diego and he's gotten his answer. `Sent Rico a Code: Blue. Come on up.' Peter heads towards the back of the large house. The entrance to his and Karl's furnished basement and the empty ground floor are the front door but the top two floors have entrances through the balcony's above the enclosed porch in the back. Diego hardly ever locks his door even when he's not home so Pete lets himself in. He finds Diego, dressed only in sweat shorts, dancing to something only he can hear on his MP3 player. Pete smiles and tries staying right behind Diego as he approaches. When Pete gets right up to Diego, he grabs his friend by the shoulders and spins him around. Diego is almost completely startled, a task Pete finishes off by kissing Diego hard. Diego quickly melts into the kiss and their bodies press together. Diego's a little breathless when Pete ends the kiss."What was that for?" Diego asks."I'm gay." Diego's expression doesn't change. "That doesn't surprise you, does it?" Diego laughs and pushes Pete down on the couch. He fetches a couple of beers and sits cross legged on the other end."Not really. I never thought it before we started messing around but you got more into us casually going at it then you ever did any of your girlfriends." Diego takes a swig and just to be funny, mimes deep throating the bottle. Pete feels that in his crotch."I never caught that but Lolita Pay Sites yeah, you're right. Emily was just the latest in a line of girls I guess I picked because I knew I'd never have to fuck them." Diego smiles but says nothing. "Lately I couldn't get gay sex out of my head and I was putting all the Lolita Pay Sites blame on you.""Hey, I'm your hottest friend. Of course you'd blame me for going gay." Diego gets hit with a throw pillow for that. Pete then gives Diego the whole story of the torture he's been putting himself through, with Diego especially interested in Pete's sleepover at home. Diego is sorry Pete put him through all of that but is glad the ending seems to be a happy one."So Neal's smile made you realize you were fighting a losing battle, that you were gay?" Diego likes the sound of that."My reaction to it, yeah. What about you? I see Michael coming up here a lot. You two a couple now?" Diego has to laugh at that."Pete, me and Michael haven't even touched each other since that photo shoot. It's too weird and all, you know? I do love Michael, and I think he might be in love with me, but my heart is still with Sue. Until I know we can screw without breaking his heart, I can't do it?" Diego gets another beer for each of them and sits closer to Pete when he gets back. "I can't start dating anyone male OR female just now anyways. You're the first person I'm telling this but Sue was pregnant again when she left.""Wow. What bad timing.""I said as much a couple of hours ago when she called me. It gets worse. Remember how I have two sets of twins as brothers." Pete's eyes go wide when he hears this. "Yep. I was thinking of retiring Manuel Suave to be honest, stop appearing on Gay For Play, but I think I'm gonna need tons of cash for a long time now.""Any chance of you and Sue getting back together? You said you still loved her.""I love her but I don't think I'll ever forgive her for walking out with Amelia. She's even fighting me on me getting any level of joint custody. Yeah, I love her but I can't trust her further than I can throw this house." Diego moves in closer still to Pete. "She's kinda turned me off on dating women for a while. Good thing I have alternatives, eh?" Diego and Pete's mouths meet and the kiss is as explosive as Pete had once feared. Now Pete loved it. Hands start roaming and Diego starts with the buttons to Pete's shirt."Wait. What about Rico. What if he walks in on us." Pete's not ready for everyone else to know he's gay."That's why I texted him a Code: Blue. We agreed that would mean stay away until we get the all clear or we'll give the other blue balls." Pete's belt flies across the room and the two friends work to free Pete's achingly hard cock from its confinement. Diego moves in a familiar direction his mouth open to blow Pete yet again when he's stopped by his friend. With a wicked grin on his ace, Pete pushes Diego back and yanks hard on the sweat shorts Diego is wearing. Pete licks his lips at the sight."Now this will be literally a dream come true," Pete jokes and mirrors Diego's recent action. Only Diego does nothing to stop Pete and Pete's lips wrap around the stretched out foreskin at the top of Diego's own very engorged cock. Any last doubts Pete might have had as soon as the taste of Diego's manhood hits him. It's everything he thought it would be! Pete feels like he could almost cum just from suckling on Diego's head, it's so good and right. Pete's now glad for the weeks of torment his subconscious put him through. If it hadn't, Pete might never have gotten to this place.Pete is far from a natural cocksucker but Diego doesn't care. Even with the occasional scrape of teeth and the off kilter rhythm at times, Pete has a energy and fervor few men or women that have blown Diego before have shown. And Pete can deep throat right off the bat! It gets to Diego but good and he rolls the two of them on to the floor. Pete never stops his feverish sucking but now Diego can return the favor! On all fours now, both ends of Diego are pumping. While his cock lodges in Pete's throat Diego's mouth is working Pete's bell end. When Pete's scratchy pubes tickle Diego's nose just his tip is being laved by Pete. Diego is like a sexual seesaw and Pete can't get enough. Petes' hands come up and start stroking Diego's hard ass.What Pete is enjoying the most about this wild sixty-nine is how liberated he feels. Every other time with Diego Pete had to hold back. Straight guys couldn't do one tenth of the things Pete wanted to do with Diego so Pete couldn't act on his impulses. Now there's no holding back. Pete starts with trying to imitate every talented thing Diego's doing to him with his mouth and throat. Diego's moans around his cock tell Pete he's doing good that. Diego's moans get more frequent when Pete's hands start massaging his ass. Diego sucks harder and wilder when Pete's fingers start playing with his hole."Fuck me," is all Diego says when his head comes off Pete's cock and the young Hispanic boy pivots so his hole is right above Pete's cock."Okay," and with that Pete thrusts up into Diego hard.Diego can't help groaning. Pete is quite a bit bigger down there than Karl, his only male lover of the past few weeks, and there is a bit of pain. Pete's size and the force of his thrusts upward are also causing quite a bit of pleasure. It bothered Diego some at first how well he took to being fucked but in the end Diego just accepted that he had. Now he's learning that it wasn't just the emotional connection between he and his best friend Michael that made his first time being fucked so great. Big dicks just flat out feel good stretching Diego's hole and rapping against his sensitive prostate. The last time Pete saw Diego this hard was when Pete was prepping Diego to lose his anal virginity with a couple of dildos. It is so hot to Pete that Diego's massive, leaking hardon is all his doing.Pete pulls Diego's face in for a scorching kiss and rolls them over. Diego's in missionary position and Pete has the traction now to really power fuck his friend. When Pete breaks their kiss Diego is nearly incoherent. Every in stroke sends Diego a wave of incredible Lolita Pay Sites ecstacy. Five or ten more and Diego cums like he's having a seizure. That's it for Pete too. Even if he had tried to fight it Pete wouldn't have been able to resist cumming. If just watching Diego cum that time had Pete lose his load, having his dick all the way inside Diego while he's having an even more powerful orgasm Lolita Pay Sites has Pete enjoying a just as powerful one.The two friends can't even move for ten minutes.Diego and Pete shower together, soaping each other up and stealing occasional kisses and gropes but round two never quite gets off the ground. They are that sated from their first fuck. Diego texts Rico with the all clear and they enjoy another beer afterward."So Lolita Pay Sites what happens now with this newfound self-awareness? You said you're not going to out yourself but you going to hit the bars or look for guys online?" Pete grimaces at the thought."I do want to sample what's out there but bars and chat rooms? That sounds so desperate." Diego understands. He's pretty much decided to stay on the male side of the fence until he recovers from Sue's betrayal but he doesn't plan on outing himself on the gay scene either."There's some guys from the site who like what they've had to do enough to fool around occasionally off camera. I could hook you up..." Pete's expression tells him that's a go. "And there's always Karl..."Karl? Karl Martin?""Yeah. In fact, Karl's been the only guy I've been sleeping with since Sue left." Diego tells Pete the whole story, not happy at Pete's reaction to Karl knowing about them. "Just don't let Karl push you around. I let him play dominant with me but I don't think you'd like that. `Sides, I think Karl's more sexually submissive when he's not with me. Just a gut feeling." Rico walks in before they can discuss more but it doesn't matter. Pete likes Rico plenty and the three have as nice a visit as possible. Pete does pick up on Rico's continuing tension from the massive implosion of the brothers' very dysfunctional family. Pete never quite brings it up because every time Diego can see that Pete is going to, Diego manages to quell Pete with a look or a subtle change of conversational direction.It's still a school night so good times end early, with Diego walking Pete out and Rico starting in on his schoolwork."Can I ask you a favor, Pete? I know you want to sample everything possible out there but can one of them not be hooking up with Michael?" Pete's surprised Diego somehow sensed that a curiosity about Michael is there, based solely on Diego and Michael's sizzling onscreen sexual chemistry. "I know I'm not tapping that and I'm pretty sure I don't want to mess up the friendship by trying for that kind of relationship but I know me. I'm still pretty well fucked in the head. Once I get my shit together I just might want to give it a shot. Michael's made it as clear as he can without saying the words he's waiting for me to decide.""And I'd threaten that?" Pete knows Diego's bond with Michael and doesn't see that."Oh yeah. Even if Michael isn't full on gay or bi, it's our friendship fueling this. You're one of very few friends Michael and me have that could come close to that. I think you two would seriously hook up if you connected that way and it'd be my luck to figure out I do want the guy after he's committed to you." Pete goes quiet. "You're mad at me for asking?""Oh god no. That's such a compliment and yes, I'll keep hands off Michael. I love you both too much to come between you. I am going to come out to him and tell him I know about Gay For Play though. I need him as a someone to talk to at least. You don't mind, do you?" Pete wouldn't be surprised if Diego were. Whether Diego ever realizes it ro acts on it, what he's just said to Pete is all Pete needs to know Diego returns Michael's feelings. Pete knows both these guys well enough to be certain. If getting them both to hook up and be happy means Pete can't sleep with Michael? It's a small sacrifice for such good friends.Two other thoughts are in Pete's head as he enters the basement apartment. Could Michael's equally hot brother Theo swing both ways too and how best can Pete use the info Diego gave him about Karl...
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